La promenade de Rilke

 This artist book comprises ten black and white photographs hand paints of the wood of Worpswede, accompanies by a poem of Rainer Maria Rilke. On Clairefontaine's paper 210 gr. Fifteen exemplars. March 2015 A current edition is available at Arnaud Bizalion Editeur. Contact me if interested.

Le Tigre derrière la brume

 The original artist book edition has seventeen images of lands scape on Clairefontaine's paper, in fifty exemplars. May 2012. Available for sale. Contact me if interested.

Face à la mer

 The original edition have six poems by Alfonsina Storni, in five exemplars, and it is illustrate with six photograms. Publication 2009. Editions Arichi, 26 rue Keller 75011 Paris