About me

I have a need to express myself and photography is the canal through which expression takes place.

Even as a child I was fascinated by painting, drawing, collage and photography.

I still see my grandmother and her yellow roses blooming in summer. The ephemeral red colour of the leaves deeply attracted the child that I was. I knew that the rain would ineluctably come and that the petals of the roses would fall and that the trees would be bare.

I have been guided by persons of outstanding quality.

Georges Fèvre, and humble man who lightened the darkroom, put his knowledge at my disposal. He taught me to rewrite with light and to read a negative.

Jorge Damonte appeared in my life later on. He enlightened the sense of the word Liberty.

My flora photograms are a concentrate of life, of time, fragile and ephemeral as it is, a musical instant in the seasons large and endlessly changing movement.
There is no end to creation and life is short!