La promenade de Rilke

(...) In 1900, Rilke visited the artist’s colony of Worpswede, Bremen. In 2014 Brenda Hoffman visited the colony and wandered through the forest imagining what the heartbroken Rilke had thought and felt during his walks in the woods. The series of black and white hand-painted photographs, Rilke’s Promenade, is inspired by this surrounding landscape, the robust and yet vulnerable nature and how it echoes our feelings. In his 1898 correspondence to Salomé, Rilke wrote:
“And now I feel loneliness growing with every new day; the region, devoid of colour, grows endlessly, it expands to become a background with trees shaken by the storm. I want to remain in the storm, and not miss any shudder of this vast commotion. I want to have the Fall. I want to be immersed in Winter without betraying myself with the minimum hint of colour. I want to drape myself with snow longing for the Spring to come, so that what grows in me does not surface too soon from the scars.”
Andrea Harari